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Afterlife - General Description and Proof -

AFTERLIFE 101 & 102 by Ian Jones & Miles Allen

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INTRODUCTION for the PDF Book (Call up the book here)

AFTERLIFE 101 & 102

Many different sources of evidence and description exist for the existence of an afterlife. When the best are assembled, they provide mutually-reinforcing evidence which results in a comprehensive and believable picture of the afterlife. This picture can be used to validate and extend the messages contained above in the Afterlife 101 book. The sequence of sources are:

The first topic presented in depth is reincarnation. The proof that people actually lead more than one life in sequence is rock-solid, and establishes by itself the reality of survival of consciousness.

One tool used in studying past lives of individuals is hypnotic regression. In many cases the details of past lives obtained this way have been exhaustively validated. This tool can also be used to uncover a great deal of information about life between lives by regressing individuals to that period of time between lives.
Compiled by Ian Jones (Image at right) who no longer associates himself with these web pages - it could be humility or just an oversight.

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In the next topic, entitled Psychic Phenomena, strong evidence is presented that people have paranormal capabilities that are unexplainable by modern science.

Millions of people have reported Near Death Experiences which often involve actual or perceived imminent death, a feeling of separation from the physical body, and a variety of other spiritual phenomena. These provide both evidence for and information about the afterlife.

The next area deals with the ability of gifted individuals to have Medium Communications with spirits, with extensive evidence of the reality of this communication and considerable depth in description of the afterlife. An important part of this area is a spirit guide commentary on various spiritual and earthly contemporary matters, a 70-page contribution prepared especially for this website by the same spirit guides responsible for the Afterlife 101 book. The concluding document contains spiritual advice for earthly cancer patients obtained through the same sources.

Recently, a 240-page Scole Report has been released by the Society for Psychical Research, after the Scole Experiment where medium sittings extended over a period of nearly two years, giving the highly-qualified observers ample time to ensure that no fraud was being perpetrated. The report shows that there were many genuine manifestations of spirit energy, intelligently directed, interacting with the scientists at every stage, and confirming predictive statements made by the spirit communicators. This is one of the strongest evidential bases for existence of an afterlife. It is also worth noting that the crew who invited these amazing responses sat in their basement at regular intervals for nearly SIX MONTHS before the Spirits began to appear - but when they did, oh boy - was it worth the wait.

A final subject is After-Death Communication, in which direct messages in a variety of formats (ranging from scents to three-dimensional visions), appear to be received from spirits of departed loved ones by tens of millions of persons.

Three overview areas serve as self-contained summaries of the evidence for an afterlife, a website by Victor Zammit containing 29 separate chapters and recent news, a book by David Fontana which summarizes the past century of research in this area, and a recent pair of books by Ian Lawton which provide perhaps the best evidential basis for belief in the afterlife and a close correlation with the messages contained in the Afterlife 101 book (View the book here).
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Aeces Afterlife Statements (2011)
Miles Allen & friend

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Afterlife Statements PDF book (123 pages from the late lamented Aeces website)

The evidence is objective, consistent, voluminous, and amounts to technical, irrefutable proof for the afterlife that is unconcerned with religion or dogmatism of any kind. No skeptics have given any alternative explanation for any demonstrated afterlife phenomena.  Sir William Barrett said about 100 years ago that "It is hardly possible to convey to the inexperienced an adequate idea of the strength and cumulative force of the evidence. [for the afterlife]". Reviews of evidence shown in the last 100 years or so is available above and in the Site Map page (menu). It makes perfect sense to accept the information presented by these excerpts from afterlife communications as a truthful description of the larger picture.

These quoted statements were collected by Miles Allen (above) and brought over from Aeces web site before it disappeared so that we can know more about the larger picture, and thereby better decide our own course of action during this Earth life.
Who better to provide such guidance than our predecessors? Please find the book here Aeces Afterlife Statements (2011).

This tongue-in-cheek certificate is an excellent addition to anyone's wall of fame - Just print it out and enter your name to be assured of your continued IMMORTALITY.
"We are Immortal beings surrounded by Infinity and we have Eternity in which to explore it" - Get used to this idea, as it is the Real Thing.
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