Photo Albums Across Time -

A 1945-1952 Diana & Jock – Farms & Family in England & Tasmania F 1870-1900 Jock – Parents & Grandparents – Empire
B 1953-1957 Diana & Jock – Mark, Joc & Giles – To Ireland G 1901-1939 Jock – His Youth and Upbringing
C 1956-1959 Diana & Jock – Ireland, Riding & More H 1938-1978 Jock – A Man of Many Families
D 1960-1962 Diana & Jock – Sailing, Swimming & Sculpture I 1295-1975 Diana’s Family – Boys School &, Skiing
E 1962-1964 Diana & Jock – Boys getting older J Jocelyn Tomkin - Astronomer

Diana - Jock 1953 to 1957- Mark, Joc & Giles – To Ireland

Diana Tomkin nee George (1916 - 1995) & Gerald Josselyn Royce Tomkin ("Jock") - 1901 - 1980- Tasmania (leaving); England; Ireland; Uplands House, County Wicklow.

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