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Dr. Pierro Calvi-Parisetti - Afterlife Proof -

Some powerful evidence from a notable personality -

"I am a medical doctor, with postgraduate education in public health and disaster management. I have spent some fifteen years working in the management of large-scale international humanitarian operations, serving in various capacities for the International Red Cross and for the United Nations. A few years ago I left my active, operational engagement in this sector to start a late academic career: I am currently Professor of Emergencies and Humanitarian Action at the Institute for International Political Studies of Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, and a visiting professor at the universities of York (UK), Pisa (Italy) and Geneva (Switzerland, where I live). I am also the author of several books, articles and technical publications in my area of expertise".

Italian-born, Scottish author and speaker Piero Calvi-Parisetti is a medical doctor originally specializing in Public Health and Disaster Management. He has worked extensively for the International Red Cross and the United Nations and was later a university lecturer for 17 years. In 2004, a simple anecdote narrated by his wife triggered an intellectual interest, at first, and then a true scholarly passion for psychical research, and in particular for the study of scientific evidence pointing to the survival of human personality of bodily death. (You can see his website)

And he challenges the reader(s), much as I do in these web pages, on his webpage with these statements -

>> If you are rational, inquisitive, critical, but you maintain an open mind and you are ready to follow the evidence wherever it may take you, you are welcome to this page.

If you are not afraid to put the word “science” and words like “telepathy” or “mediumship” in the same sentence, you are welcome to this page.

If you are open to the wonder, the utter fascination of a universe that is more than what we can see, touch, measure or explain, you are welcome to this page.

If, on the contrary, your religious or materialist beliefs force you to turn a blind eye to masses of compelling evidence, you are still welcome, but your time is probably better spent elsewhere.

Well said! He provides his books at no charge, and these are two very good ones -

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