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Chris Carter - Science undoes the skeptics-

(No, not the Robert Hunter LAPD detective author - This Chris is Canadian.)

Chris Carter received his undergraduate and master’s degrees from the University of Oxford. He is the author of Science and Psychic Phenomena and Science and the Near-Death Experience and more (see below). Originally from Canada, Carter currently (2020) teaches internationally.


"The controversy surrounding psychic phenomena (psi) is both long and complicated. Chris Carter reviews the many elements of the controversy in great detail, but in a manner that is also readable and entertaining — a difficult feat. I found his explanation of quantum theories of psi, for example, exceptionally clear, and it resolved some confusion I had about these theories from reading other sources. Carter adheres strictly to valid scientific and philosophical principles in arguing for the reality of psi and the legitimacy of parapsychology as a science — no retreat into New Age metaphysical mumbo-jumbo — and he doesn’t overstate his case. Any reader who can approach this controversial subject with an open mind will find Carter’s book immensely rewarding."

This is an important book. It deals with one of the most significant and enduring fault lines in science and philosophy. For well over a century, there have been strongly divided opinions about the existence of psychic phenomena, such as telepathy. The passions aroused by this argument are quite out of proportion to the phenomena under dispute. They stem from deeply held worldviews and belief systems. They also raise fundamental questions about the nature of science itself.

This debate, and the present state of parapsychology, are brilliantly summarized in this book. Chris Carter puts his argument in a well-documented historical context, without which the present controversies make no sense. The kind of skepticism Carter is writing about is not the normal healthy kind on which all science depends, but rather it arises from a belief that the existence of psychic phenomena is impossible; they contradict the established principles of science, and if they were to exist they would overthrow science as we know it, causing chaos and confusion. Therefore, anyone who produces positive evidence supporting their existence is guilty of error, wishful thinking, self-delusion, or fraud. This belief makes the very investigation of psychic phenomena taboo and treats those who investigate them as charlatans or heretics.

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He has written these books -
(2010) - Science and the Near-Death Experience: How Consciousness Survives Death
(2012) - Science and Psychic Phenomena: The Fall of the House of Skeptics
(2012) - Science and the Afterlife Experience:- Evidence for the Immortality of Consciousness

These can be found at Simon and Schuster

Chris Carter shows that evidence of life beyond death exists and has been around for millennia, predating any organised religion. Focusing on three key phenomena - reincarnation, apparitions and communications from the dead - Carter reveals 125 years of documented scientific studies by independent researchers and the British and American Societies for Psychical Research that rule out hoaxes, fraud and hallucinations and prove these afterlife phenomena are real.

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