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Mormon History - A con man creates an amazing religion

Then, as now, totally unbelievable!

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The book by William Alexander Linn has been carefully and diplomatically prepared because then as now this organization is still very embarrassed about its origins and motivation. Like any major corporation, they value their reputation and funding over all else. And like anyone else, when they are ashamed of something it is kept secret, and bluster and lies are used to cover it up. While clearly, much of their story is made up, the facts dryly presented by this noted American historian are fascinating - truly, ahem, you cannot make this stuff up!.

And, while we're at it, please note their founder was, in short, a serious and serial sex offender, cheating on his wife with at least forty (40!) other women, many married, and arranging church affairs so everyone could offend with minor children unimpeded. Nasty, as they happily kept this up until (at least) 1890. This was an especial delight of Brigham Young, who nastily took over leadership after Smith was killed by his partner after his partner's wife became one of his, um, brides. I paraphrase, but you get the idea, I suspect.

Linn's pages end at page 574 - Thereafter about 100 pages follow with some up-to-date information (2012), including tithing, leaving the church, lying for their lord, and a stunningly evasive question and answer session with their criminal potentates. There is also some good advice for current Mormon suckers members on how to avoid the full weight of tithing without being banned from your local church (!!).

Please note that much of the material referred to by Mr. Linn comes as acceptable and reasonable evidence as people were alive in the late 1890s who knew the people involved during the various years and events described from the 1820s onwards. Modern youth tends to think this was all a very long time ago; but my own father was born in 1901 - and I may live another 20 years until 2040, so this type of evidence is nothing more than the truth that the "Church of the Latter Day Saints" simply does not want to hear or to have aired - there's far too much money involved. Some reports say the Mormon's  income is about six point four thousand million dollars annually for which no accounting whatever is ever provided to anyone. That is $6.4 billion. Ah, me, tithing is a very good game, as is a 501c3 tax exempt non-profit status.

It is almost unbelievable that such illogical nonsense and obviously fraudulent behavior is allowed a complete pass by the US IRS - just like Scientology, but started a century sooner.

Recently, in December 2019, there are stories of a $100 billion fraud - the church of course denies everything, while admitting it has a fund prepared for the second coming of - some one or other - and they will need the money to, um, well, we cannot be sure. Great! - And what do you think the US IRS has done/will do? - Nothing, of course. Just as in any banana republic, when so much money is involved, people high enough up to matter get offers they cannot refuse.


Click on either of the frontispieces above to see the book by William Alexander Linn, which makes wonderful reading, and his pages end at page 574 - Thereafter about 100 pages follow with some up-to-date information (2012), including tithing, leaving the church, lying for their lord, and a stunningly evasive question and answer session with their criminal potentates.

Yes, this is a bit repetitive, but who pays attention these days? - Just read the damn book already - I assure you, you will not regret it.

Here's the Wikipedia biography of William Alexander Linn

William Alexander Linn - (born Sussex, New Jersey, 4 September 1846; died 23 February 1917) was a United States journalist and historian.

He graduated from Phillips Academy, Andover, Massachusetts, in 1864, at Yale in 1868, and in 1883 was admitted to the New York bar. From 1868 to 1891, he was engaged in newspaper work, during part of that time being on the staff of the New York Tribune, and was managing editor of the Evening Post, 1891–1900, resigning to devote himself to literary work.[2]

He was president of the Hackensack Mutual Building and Loan Association from its organization in 1887 and was president of the People's National Bank of Hackensack, New Jersey, from its organization in 1903 to 1916. He was president of the First National Bank of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, from its organization in 1910 to 1913. He was elected county collector of Bergen County, New Jersey, 3 January 1916. He was a member of the New Jersey Commission of 1899 which secured the legislation under which the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, which has saved the Palisades front from destruction, was appointed, and was a member of the latter commission from its organization to 1913. He is a member of the National Geographic Society, the New Jersey Historical Society, Bergen County Historical Society, and trustee of the Johnson Public Library of Hackensack.[2]


The Story of the Mormons (1902)
Horace Greeley (1903)
Rob and His Gun (1902)
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And, just to remind us where we are, as we are a forgetful lot -
“There is nothing more important, as critical, as significant and vital as accepting that communicating with afterlife entities is the greatest discovery in human history.”
What this means in seriously realistic terms, is that karma is completely neutral - a bitch if you've been bad, and a rewarding angel if you've been good, and each will get his own in just measure. This should let us relax, relax in all directions, as none of our deeds will be overlooked, for good or selfish and hurtful. And yes, this does include Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Putin, Bush, McConnell & Trump - to name some worthily deserving worthies, as are their numerous toadies and enablers.

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