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Introduction –

The story and ideas expressed here have, with one exception, been taken from other authors in their directly revealed automatic writing or from those believed to be realized masters. To my chagrin, I have lost the references for the source material as I read much of it many years ago. This picture I present makes logical sense to me, and I hope it does to the readers, as it answers many questions; and no, the answer is not “42” (Check Douglas Adams if the reference is obscure). All of the references to scientific principles are readily available on the internet, actually, as is most of this material.

“Finding that no religion is based on facts and cannot therefore be true, I began to reflect what must be the condition of mankind trained from infancy to believe in errors." - Robert Owen 1771 – 1858.

This should ring some bells, sadly, as little has changed; Dave Allen describes it to near perfection on YouTube – heartening stuff if you care to have a look.

How it all started -

Once upon a No-Time and No-Place there was a giant No-Limits Thingy (NLT). Now read this next bit slowly, please, because we are in a “place” that has no Time; no “space” and therefore no “direction”. So nothing happens because nothing can happen – “happening” always means individual items moving from one place to another, along with some time scale – the winning lottery ticket must be redeemed, the drink that slides across the bar to your hand – But now (!) we have no space and no individual items and no time. You cannot do anything. Nothing can happen. So let that sink in for a while before we move on.

Naturally, boredom sets in sooner (ahem) or later (ahem), as the NLT could/can do nothing - go nowhere, see nothing, never check the e-mail, no doomscrolling, never dress up and swagger downtown to see (gulp) Celine Dion in Las Vegas or take a nature walk and a dump in the woods or watch decent movies or have “civil” wars. All such activities need space, time and separation into separate things – thee and me. At the instant of this aggravating realization of boredom, the NLT did the one thing possible for it to do – in fact the only thing this No-Limits-Thingy could do – which is what, exactly?

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The Reason for it All   by Giles Tomkin 2021

This is a photo taken in 1969 - an unrecognizable image of the author, looking serious, as he contemplates his first divorce. She is Spanish-German, and is not going to go easily. She is also in this photo, but removed for safety and sanity's sake. Luckily there was no issue.

You may email me compliments, suggestions and/or threats at giles a t And if you cannot figure out that email address, you should not be reading this page anyway.

Disclaimer right here ... (read and weep)

(DISCLAIMER - We take no responsibility for the contents of this website because we are running Windows and everyone knows what a weak, insecure operating system that is. Especially because of the boastful nature of this web page. Actually, if you have a better understanding of "The Reason for it All" - feel free to email me at giles a t In any case,  what we do not understand is why so many of you idiots pay for the Windows operating system (and Micro$oft Office) when we all could use a bomb-proof system called Linux which is legally free and open source. In any event, please note that we take no responsibility for that either. To know more, go look at the Free Apps page of this website. And weep about the money you have wasted. Nor will we accept any liability, tacit or implied, for any damage you may or may not incur as a result of reading, or not, as the case may be, any part of this website, in whole or in part, - no, we said that already - notwithstanding any liabilities implied or otherwise, and no matter what happens, IT IS NOT, and NEVER WILL BE, OUR FAULT.)

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