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56 Things to Know Before You Go -

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Why in this section "Great Authors"? - Because Wendy & Victor Zammit are great and wonderful authors, providing a wealth of serious evidence for the reality of the Afterlife Dimensions - Home, in fact, whence we come and return. These items have been collated by them, who are indefatigable workers on this same subject - (See item "C" above).

"We are Immortal beings, surrounded by Infinity, and we have Eternity in which to explore it". (As they say in New Joisey - What's not to like?)

From -  - These items are copied verbatim from the above site, as shown by Victor Zammit

Afterlife intelligence transmitted in different countries to us on this earth inform us of the following: Let me say this again slowly - different psychic mediums in different countries at different times over the last 150 years have compiled essentially the same descriptions of the human situation - as follows -

1) All humans survive physical death, irrespective of their beliefs.

2) At the point of death we take our mind with all its experiences, our character and our etheric (spirit) body - which is a duplicate of the earth body. It comes out of the earth body on the point of death and is connected to the earth body by a silver chord. Death occurs when the silver cord is severed from the physical body. Silver Birch, a high Intelligence from the afterlife who has transmitted more than nine books, informs us that in the afterlife the etheric body and our surroundings will be just as solid as our world seems to us now.

3) There is no such thing as heaven "up in the sky" or hell "down below": the location of the afterlife does not change from the earth plane. Just as there are different radio frequencies within the same room different worlds or "spheres" or "planes" inter-penetrate - from the highest vibrations to the lowest.

4) There are different levels or "spheres" in the afterlife - from the lowest vibrations to the highest. On physical death we go to the sphere which can accommodate the vibrations we accumulated throughout our life on earth. Simplistically put, most ordinary people are likely to go to the "third" sphere - some people call it the "Summerland." The higher the vibrations, the better the conditions - this will take us to the higher spheres. We are informed that the higher spheres are too beautiful to even imagine. For those with very, very low vibrations, very serious problems do exist.

5) Hell for eternity and eternal damnation were invented by men to manipulate the hearts and the minds of the unaware - they do NOT exist. Whilst there ARE lower spheres in the afterlife that are particularly dark, unpleasant and even horrific - some call them "hell" - ending down there is NOT for eternity. There is always help available for any soul willing to learn the lessons of kindness and unselfishness.

6) Once you are freed from the body and enter the afterlife, you will experience a feeling of enormous lightness. Some communicators liken it to taking off a heavy divers' suit.

7) The state of mind at the point of death is crucial. Some pass over consciously and are fully aware of the loved ones who come to welcome the new arrival; others are unconscious and are taken to a special place of rest.

8) In the areas nearest to our world, the mind creates reality. So those who expect to find nothing may well stay in a deep sleep.

9) Those people who have been ill for some time may need to be helped to change their mental picture of themselves and create with their minds a healthy etheric body. "Hospitals" exist for this purpose.

10) Ordinary reasonable people are met by their loved ones - soul-mates are reunited. Higher Intelligences inform us that in the afterlife our appearance can regress to our best age - for most people, from the early to mid twenties.

11) Atheists, agnostics and others may not be encumbered from passing on to the higher spheres - what they did in their lifetime and the motivation for what they did will be important, not what they believed in.

12) Not participating in religious rituals, e.g. baptism and confessions, and non-belief in creeds and dogmas does NOT encumber anyone from attaining higher spirituality and the higher afterlife spheres.

13) Soon after crossing over you will experience a life-review. In your life review you will experience all of your thoughts, words and deeds and effects they had on others. No-body judges you. You judge yourself by comparing the reality of your life and the effects it had on others with what you set out to do.

14) Loved ones from the afterlife, recently arrived and others, do have the power to visit loved ones still living on earth and some of them may even become their "guides".

15) In the afterlife communicating is done by telepathy. Communicating from and to the earthplane with those in the afterlife can be (and is being) done by telepathy.

16) Recently arrived loved ones, usually within three months of transition, are permitted to transmit visually - by way of dreams or by apparitions and other means - evidence that they are still alive. Many choose to attend their own funerals.

17) Any physical disabilities people had on earth will disappear. Once they have adjusted mentally there will be no such thing as deformity, sickness, blindness or any other thing that adversely affected them on earth.

18) The mind has enormous power in the afterlife. It can create matter there and can cause the body to travel at the speed of thought, e.g. you imagine you are at any place in the world and you are there instantly.

19) Some people on earth have a much better transition to the afterlife than others. The more knowledge we have about the afterlife, the easier the transition. It also helps if you are able to control your mind, think positively and concentrate on one thing at a time.

20) Some people get stuck "between the two worlds." Because they still feel themselves solid, they do not accept that they have actually died. Some are afraid of going to the light. Many get into mental confusion and could get lost for decades and even for thousands of years.

21) In the afterlife, there is no need to eat or drink or go to sleep. There is no night-time, no rain or bad weather. All is light.

22) You will have the opportunity to mix with others of the same vibrations and join with them in co-operative endeavors.

23) You will usually find yourself in a house, often the exact replica of a favorite house from your life. Of if you have a clear mental picture of the house you have always wanted and you have earned it, you can create it.

24) All animals also survive death. You can expect to be reunited with loved pets who are usually cared for by someone close to you until you arrive. Undomesticated animals continue to exist in their own spheres.

25) You can continue to pursue your favorite interests. You can continue to read, enjoy art, music, attend concerts or play sports. Or you can do gardening.

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26) One can still learn spiritual lessons in the afterlife and progress to higher, even more beautiful spheres.

27) You also will have the opportunity to go to the Halls of Learning, and continue to do spiritual work - helping those crossing over or helping others less informed. You may like to do rescue work - informing those lost in the darker realms and who qualify to be in the sphere of the light to come up towards the light. You can be creative in how you spend your time.

28) Ultimately, there will come a time when you have to increase your vibrations by increased spirituality to continue to spiritually refine and graduate to a higher realm where circumstances would be much more beautiful and better than the one you were in before.

29) This "transition" to the next sphere happens gradually and naturally. You find yourself going into a deep sleep and awaken on the next level.

30) In the higher spheres, you will be able to recall and see any event in any period of your existence three dimensionally.

31) Love, unconditional love, is the most powerful force known in the universe. It is the link with our loved ones in the afterlife.

32) No one judges you or condemns you to the lower spheres. You condemn yourself to the lower horrific spheres ("hell") by the low vibrations (low spirituality) you acquired during life on earth.

33) Those who were consistently evil are, on their transition, either left alone or are met by those others of the same very low vibrations and with the same very low spirituality. They are naturally attracted to the darker lower spheres.

34) However the universal Law of Progress ensures that at some time in the future those with lower vibrations will eventually, even if it takes eons of time - centuries or even thousands of years - obtain higher vibrations and graduate to the higher spheres.

35) Selfishness is one of the greatest transgressions against spirituality and is highly karmic.

36) Energy - positive or negative - is a "boomerang." When you send out good energy towards someone, that good energy is returned sooner or later. If you send out negative energy by unfairly being dishonest against someone, or by cheating, lying, harassing, discrediting or causing harm to someone, that kind of negative energy will inevitably return to you.

37) "You will reap what you sow" - the Law of Cause and Effect - is the recognized universal spiritual law. Karma means you will not get away with it. All negative deeds against others have to be experienced for the purpose of "continuous spiritual refinement."

38) Selfishness, abuse of power and systematic harassment of others are two of the most karmic actions. Horrific karma awaits those whose task it was to protect society but themselves willfully abused their power, indulged in willful transgressions and caused harm and injury to others.

39) You will NOT be excused for your evil behavior by claiming that you were just obeying orders.

40) Cruelty - mental or physical against humans or animals - is highly karmic and is never justified.

41) Those who consistently abused and harassed others will have to face their victims in the afterlife to ask for forgiveness. After the severest retribution, the transgressors will have to apologize and seek forgiveness by the victims before they are allowed to make any progress.

42) Those who on earth are deeply caught in very strong addictions - drugs, alcohol, gambling, tobacco, or overindulgence in sex - can get caught on the astral level trying to satisfy them.

43) A WARNING: Some hallucinogenic drugs have the potency to lift the duplicate out of the physical body. Seen by entities from the afterlife, drug takers "... have pathetic looks as if they had no soul ... they are vacant behind the eyes. When out of the body, other lower entities try to enter the drug-taker's body - then you have possession."

44) Deathbed conversion? We have been and we are repeatedly being informed by Higher Sources that immediately after we die our vibrations do not change - not even if one repents shortly before death. We take with us the accumulated vibrations (spirituality) we gained or lost during our whole lifetime on earth. Baptism as repentance is absolutely meaningless as a way of getting "a better deal" immediately after death.

45) If you helped just one person to attain the true knowledge you would have justified your existence on earth - Silver Birch.

46) Not everybody has to "reincarnate." Everyone makes their own choice.

47) You do not come into this world to have a dream run - without pain, suffering, without problems. The more varied your experience, the more learning from many mistakes, the more valuable your lifetime.

48) Many of you will be cheated, maligned, unfairly harassed ... but justice will be done... not in your world, maybe, but certainly in the world to come. The universal laws operate whether or not you are aware of them.

49) There are some inherent dangers in communicating with entities from the afterlife. Those from the afterlife can sometimes read our minds and can put thoughts and ideas into our minds. Lower, mischievous entities can put negative thoughts and ideas and the positive more enlightened entities assist us with positive thoughts and ideas. A great deal is left to the exercise of free will.

50) We are at liberty to call the powerful protectors from the afterlife to assist us in coping with our everyday problems, but they will not make decisions for us.

51) Materialists and others spend too much time worrying about their last ten or twenty years on earth and do not spend a tiny fraction of their time thinking what's going to happen to them in the next ten, twenty thousand years, fifty thousand years ... and much, very much longer.

52) What will happen to a person who suicides will depend on a number of things. Motivation is always very important. For example, there will be a big difference if one commits suicide because of inevitable death and one who suicides to avoid responsibilities. Those who take their own lives to avoid problems and responsibilities are likely to increase their problems and responsibilities in the afterlife.

53) Consistent with the Law of Progress, eventually, even if it takes eons of time, all will progress to the higher spheres.

54) Like attracts like in the afterlife. Unlike on the earth plane, those with lower vibrations cannot mix freely with those in the higher spheres.

55) Self-responsibility - ultimately, you yourself are responsible for all acts and omissions during your time on the earth plane.

56) The kind of life to be lived in the afterlife - the beauty, peace, light and love that await most decent people - is unimaginable.

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Wendy and Victor Zammit have been working on this subject for some decades. Their website     is so well presented in so many aspect that by far the best policy is to recommend the reader to take a look directly. Any mention here is simply a partial representation, and as they continue their wonderful work, changes appear. So, do yourselves a favor, and take a look!

From -    The above is copied verbatim from the above site, and written by Victor Zammit

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