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Jurgen Ziewe - A 40-year OBE master traveler -

Vistas of Infinity - How to Enjoy Life When You Are Dead - And much, much more

Ziewe trained as an artist at The Hamburg Academy of Art. He moved to England in 1975 and worked as a designer at multiple agencies. He also produced abstract paintings. Ziewe now produces computer art, employing fractal elements. His influences include the archetypes of Carl Jung, and his work has featured on fantasy posters, greeting cards, and science fiction book covers for authors including Vernor Vinge and Peter F. Hamilton. In 1997 a book showcasing his work, entitled New Territories, was published (See below).

Since 1975 Ziewe has had out-of-body experiences and interactions with interdimensional beings in other dimensions of existence, accessed via meditation and lucid dreaming. This PDF booklet (108 pages) made from his website provides an overview. He is the first to suggest that he cannot make these things up, as they are seriously outlandish - and he will not include any place he visits as "real" unless he has been there on five separate occasions, or more.

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This is such an unusual man and a truly great astral traveler.

Jurgen has taken the trouble to explain his experiences as best as possible on his website. This PDF booklet made from his website should serve as an appetizer for his other books available at Amazon or through his own website.

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An image of what Jurgen Ziewe has seen on his multi-dimensional travels - He calls this one "Fractal Night" - many, many more and some videos are available at his stunning website - Multi Dimensional Man.

His books to date are on sale at Amazon, and include -
- "Multi Dimensional Man" (2008) - An authentic eyewitness account of the world we came from and will return to.
- "Vistas of Infinity - How to Enjoy Life When You Are Dead" (2016) - Actual visits with all sensory perception intact using Out-of-Body travel over forty years refining his OBE skills via a lifelong practice of deep meditation.
- "The Ten Minute Moment" (2013) - Find out what happens when Consciousness focuses on itself. Jurgen describes his observations during deep meditation which ultimately led to an experience of Cosmic Consciousness. You can find an overview of this latest book here - Excerpt from The Ten Minute Moment.

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Another image of this remarkable man

- New Territories: The Computer Visions of Jurgen Ziewe - by Nigel Suckling with oversight by Jurgen Ziewe - Overlook Press, 1997 - Art - 128 pages

This book collects the most stunning of Jurgen Ziewe's images available in 1997 and reveals the groundbreaking working methods of this pioneer of computer imaging. In New Territories, Ziewe guides the reader through the basics of working on computer instead of canvas, from creating three-dimensional backgrounds and virtual landscapes, to playing with fractals, textures and posing the human figure.  Ziewe has created landscapes that until now were only possible in the imagination.

For all artists graphic designers in and interested expanding their computer design skills as well as fans of fantasy and New Age art, New Territories provides an illuminating look at the artistic medium of the future.

And for the rest of us, a glimpse of what awaits, when we, um, return home. Meanwhile, we can glimpse Jurgen's stunning travel images at this website.  -
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Jurgen calls this one "Glowland" - many, many more and some videos are available at this stunning website.

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