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First things first - website menus are a real pain - change one thing and you have to copy that change to EACH menu across to EVERY web page on that website. To get around this, lazy as I am, I have spread these pages across SECTIONS, and all are shown HERE, ON THE SITE MAP . Choose a section and inspect those pages. Thereafter, to move to another SECTION, you RETURN TO THE SITE MAP, chose another SECTION - and off you go!

On this, the Home Page, I describe each SECTION  in turn, in any order, and have added whatever comes across my addled brain in the meantime. Hope you like it. Most pages have a JUMP TO A PART OF THIS WEB PAGE with a RETURN TO TOP - to allow the reader to be as lazy as I am.

Now, about the DISCLAIMERS - You may notice when reading them (what a waste of time) that they are clearly not serious. However, our legal department says they must be taken seriously. Therefore, you are duty bound to read each and every one of them and abide by their principles, which are that we never take responsibility for anything, ever. Well, that was easy, was it not?

So what is the real reason behind this website? - Mainly a series of Afterlife and Multi Dimensional proofs. Like a real trial (unlike that held in the impeachment  of the "president" in 2019, witnesses and evidence of all kinds are brought into discussion and presentation. At a certain point, one can only come to the same conclusion that Sir William Barrett came to, over 100 years ago - "It is hardly possible to convey to others ... an adequate idea of the strength and cumulative force of the evidence that has compelled  belief.” This website collates a few outstanding and recent (being this century) items of evidence that point inescapably towards the reality of "multi-dimensional" man. The prevailing general ignorance about these matters not only cause astonishing selfishness and tremendous disturbance on this, the earth plane, but also make trouble for areas in the next dimension(s), as departing persons bring their ignorance with them, causing grief primarily to themselves, and also to others around them.

Enormous efforts are being made to counter this with social work in the other dimensions, but clearly, any successful efforts here on the earth plane will echo forward in a positive fashion. Hence, among others, a page entitled Things to Know Before You Go - in the hope that this knowledge can resurface when needed in the next dimension.

For reasons which are still unclear to me I find myself living in Wallace NC. There's a lot more than this which is unclear to me, too - but .... Onwards! It is beautiful and I am grateful. So I write to all of you to express my thanks. I used to live near Magnolia, NC, a very small town - you can see - for details - the nice side - and, yes these pages date from some years ago - but, thankfully, little changes there. So, what's this web page all about? I was unsure at first, but lately have found Kevin Williams' Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife website He means Survival of Death with a capital S as opposed to living beyond the collapse of civilization - if indeed anyone would wish to. Try this website "" for more information - lots of it, in fact. He has done a lot more work than I ever will on this subject - and I cannot think of (i) a better subject (ii) a purpose for this website. He shows at least THIRTY very good links to more information on his front page - so you will not waste your time.

GEOPSYCHICS - Here we present some authors who have really done their homework in providing evidence for reincarnation and the afterlife. Their books vary from 70 to 400 pages, and all within the last 10 years. They are free, and well worth reading. As has been pointed out more than once, if you are not willing to accept the evidence it is because (i) you resemble US Republicans who prefer "enlightened" illogical prejudice to any review and acceptance of the facts and (ii) like them, you have refused to look at the evidence. Research in the field of GeoPsychics continues. It is also increasingly clear that a fundamental new approach to science will shortly be realized. Now there's a shocker, even if 'shortly' means 50 years! Although, recently (2019) more than glimmers of multi-dimensions are in the works.

(Read Daryl Bem's "Science is Broken" - Here - 12 pages)

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It's worth telling you all about a hardback book published by Julian Press/Crown in NY 1977 "Reincarnation - The Phoenix Fire Mystery", compiled and edited by Joseph Head & S.L. Cranston. This has 620 pages of the absolute best historical compilation of relevant reincarnation and afterlife data covering beliefs of 10,000 years ago up to the present. So much has been suppressed by religion in the interests of temporal power, that there are some genuine surprises here even for sophisticated readers. Enjoy! (as they say) - but you'll have to find your own copy from some internet source. The authors have complete source references.

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Sir William Barrett (1884 – 1925)...

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 “I am personally convinced that the evidence we have published decidedly demonstrates the existence of a spiritual world,  survival after death, and of occasional communication from those who have passed over [...] It is however hardly possible to convey to others who have not had a similar experience an adequate idea of the strength and cumulative force of the evidence that has compelled [my] belief.” - This, as can be seen was about 100 years ago, Since then, non-stop confirmation of this reality has continued - and recently: This paper "AWARE - AWAreness during REsuscitation" A prospective study - by Dr. Sam Parnia & THIRTY (yes, 30) other scientist/doctors, dated December 2014, published after peer review by PubMed here. It is also said to be the world's largest ever study so far - here.

So what more do we want? - Lots more, it seems - as it is very hard to let go of previous ill-informed prejudice. Normally, scientists and doctors are very reluctant to state any belief in the supernatural, fearing killer responses from their less well-informed colleagues, including grant removal, ostracism, and even removal from their job posts. But it appears things are (slowly) changing.
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George Pyle, Journalist, Author...

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The Only Two Religions in The World   by George Pyle, Aug 2011

This is such a truly great thought and wonderful article that I cannot help adding some modest extension. It was written by George Pyle (image right - looking pretty serious), a really good Tribune editorial writer for The Salt Lake Tribune. I suspect his article was nonetheless limited and edited by space and local policies - could this be Mormons, maybe?. It is so clear and so morally and ethically good, that this is the item that should be put on walls in courts and schools around the world, not just in the USA. I wish I had thought of it myself - comments and changes are marked with [square brackets] and Arial font. Readers will note that he wisely does not once mention that religion of Salt Lake City by name. But I can, without fear of repercussions.

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